Azure for Manufacturing

Embrace Manufacturing 4.0 with Azure

Modernizing Manufacturing companies to build smart factories, resilient and profitable supply chains, and engage customers in new ways.

Why leverage Azure for Manufacturing

Build Smart Factories

Achieve faster production, automated manual process, reduced downtime, and optimized resource utilization enabling you to meet market demand swiftly.

Real-Time Insights

Gain immediate visibility into production data & operations, facilitating informed decision-making, quicker issue resolution and operational efficiency.

Create more resilient supply chains

Build supply chains that rapidly adapt to changing conditions, minimizing disruptions, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining business continuity.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Utilize Azure's collaboration tools and virtual environments to facilitate hybrid work, seamless team collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Major Challenges for Manufacturers

Vast amounts of data from sensors, machinery, and operations, making its efficient collection, storage, and meaningful analysis a challenge.

Global events, unexpected demand surge, inaccurate demand prediction, and uncertainties can disrupt supply chains, leading to issues like delays, overproduction, underproduction and  shortages.

Customers expect personalized experiences with high-quality products delivered quickly, which is has become a challenge for traditional manufacturers.

Manufacturers handle sensitive company, production, and customer data. Data breaches can cause financial losses, legal consequences, and reputational damage.

Lack expertise for integrating new technologies like AI, IoT, and automation with existing legacy systems is a complex task.

Partner with Folio3 to Harness the Full Potential of Azure for Manufacturing

Azure Solutions for Manufacturers

Powerful Azure Solutions for Your Manufacturing Business

Build your Manufacturing 4.0 Practices with these Tools

Azure AI and machine learning

Embrace the future of manufacturing with Azure AI & machine learning. Build intelligent manufacturing operations and streamline supply chains based on AI practices.

Azure Industrial IoT

Connect, monitor and manage new and existing industrial machinery and devices through cloud enabling system interoperability.

Azure Stack

Develop and implement smart manufacturing applications using hybrid and edge computing approaches, ensuring seamless operation across different geographical locations.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Collect, store, process, unify, analyze, and visualize your production, operational and supply chain data of any variety, volume, or velocity to pave your way to smart manufacturing.

High Performance Computing

Quickly refine product designs, cutting down time-to-market and enhancing product quality, all supported by a scalable and secure infrastructure available on demand.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Enable your frontline and information workforce to run smart manufacturing operations securely with a remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere in the world.

Folio3 Approach to Azure Services

Find a partnership that helps you achieve more for your people, your business and your customers.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Leverage our team of Azure experts to help you define the right strategy for your cloud journey

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Cloud Services

We’ll design, build, and deploy solutions that help you get the most out of your applications

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Managed Services

Dedicated retail professionals who help you manage, operate, and optimize your data-to-day elements of cloud environment 

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Data Analytics Services

Let us empower you to leverage the full power of your data and turn it into insights to drive retail business growth

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Why Choose Folio3?

We believe in the power of the cloud to transform businesses and empower people.

  • Over 15 years in custom software development.
  • Microsoft Business Solutions Partner in Cloud Solutions.
  • We are a team of professionals, well-versed in industry processes and regulations, as well as the implementation of Azure technologies such as AI/ML, Big Data, and Cloud services.


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Savills is global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange.


The client is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. Their agents have over 100 offices throughout the United Kingdom, and over 600 offices and associates throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East.
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The City University of Seattle is a highly-rated private university located in Seattle.


The City University of Seattle is a highly-rated private university located in Seattle, Washington. It was founded in 1973 as City College by a group of business leaders led by Michael A. Pastore with an original mission dedicated to providing higher education for working adults.
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Superior Farms

Superior Farms is North America’s top processor and marketer of lamb.

Superior Farms

Superior Farms, founded in 1964, is North America’s top processor and marketer of lamb. The company is recognized market leader in the retail and food service markets it serves, providing products and services to customers in more than 10 countries.
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Partner with Folio3 to Streamline your Manufacturing Business

We believe in the power of the cloud to transform businesses and empower people.

Azure IoT Hub enables real-time device-to-cloud communication, facilitating remote monitoring, data collection, and control over manufacturing equipment and processes.

Azure Industrial IoT connects machines and devices, providing real-time insights for optimizing operations, reducing downtime, and enabling predictive maintenance.

Yes, Azure Synapse Analytics can handle massive data volumes, offering integrated analytics and data warehousing capabilities to drive informed manufacturing decisions.

Azure Stack extends Azure services to on-premises environments, enabling modernization of manufacturing systems while retaining data compliance and control.

Azure Machine Learning uses historical data to build predictive models that identify defects in real time, enhancing product quality through automated quality control processes.

Yes, Azure HPC accelerates complex simulations, enabling faster iterations of product designs, fluid dynamics, and other simulations critical to manufacturing innovation.

Folio3 is a recognized technology partner with extensive experience in designing, implementing, and optimizing Azure solutions for various industries, including manufacturing.

Folio3 assists manufacturers in harnessing Azure’s capabilities to drive digital transformation, enabling them to implement smart factory practices, optimize operations, and achieve their business goals.

Yes, Folio3 specializes in tailoring Azure solutions to match your manufacturing processes, challenges, and objectives, ensuring a seamless integration of Azure services.

Folio3 recommends a combination of Azure IoT Hub, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Industrial IoT, and more to help manufacturers enhance efficiency, quality, and decision-making.

Absolutely, Folio3 assists in migrating legacy systems to Azure, ensuring a smooth transition and providing ongoing support to maximize the benefits of the cloud.

Folio3 has successfully served industries ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to retail and finance, leveraging Azure to drive innovation and growth.

Yes, Folio3 provides training and knowledge transfer to empower your team to manage and operate Azure solutions effectively within your manufacturing environment.

Folio3’s deep expertise, industry-specific knowledge, and dedication to client success make us the ideal partner to guide manufacturers through their Azure journey, from concept to implementation and beyond.

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